Buying books from my (non)Kindle

Kindle. I don’t have one, but I use the Kindle app on my iPad. The sample options is excellent – you can read the beginning of a book to find out how it works. So I’ve got a sample of a non-fiction book here and I reached theend of the sample and I want to buy the book. Great. Success. It says:
End of sample Kindle book.
Enjoyed this sample?
Buy Now < — that’s a link
See details for this book in the Kindles store <–that’s also a link
Easy. So I click Buy Now.
“We’re sorry. This operation is not currently supported.”
Same with the link. They can’t even link back to the book in Amazon. Double fail.


  1. Susannah wrote:

    Actually, this is intentional. You used to be able to buy it right from within the app, but then Apple added a huge ‘tariff’ to in-app purchases. It’s a hassle now – but I can see why Amazon didn’t want to hand over %30 of their profit. So blame Apple, not Amazon. :]

  2. ivanpope wrote:

    Aha – good point. I actually knew about that but it never occurred to me. But maybe Kindle could take the links out?

  3. Gary wrote:

    Or, rather than download Apple’s App Store version, download the slightly more up-to-date (v1.8.3 vs v1.8.1) and still-fully-functional (AFAIK) version directly from Amazon.

    Delete the App Store version simply by dragging it to the Trash (I’ve not found any other “more proper” method of deleting this class of app) and then install the Amazon version in the normal manner.

    Incidentally, if I’m not mistaken, if Apple wanted to sell their products directly through Amazon – as many other small dealers do – then Amazon would presumably take their percentage (or ‘tariff’) for the privilege of using the sales platform provided by Amazon…

  4. admin wrote:

    Gary, that’s the OS X App version. I’m using it on an iPad – and I still don’t see why Apple can take a cut on anything sold via any app on the iPad. It’s my computer.

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