Research files in Scrivener

I like to put research documents right next to the pages that I’m writing. Scrivener likes you to keep them separate. Here’s a way to get round that without making a terrible mess. Keep your research close

Non-linear writing

Scrivener is the perfect management tool for non-linear writing, i.e. you can get the benefits of a non-linear approach without the downsides. In her On Writing blog, Rebecca Blain writes, “When I write linearly, I am able to adjust the events later in the novel due to the events of earlier in the novel,” I...

How to Sync Scrivener

Scrivener has a function that allows you to set up an external (to Scrivener) folder and ‘sync’ all your Scrivener files there. This is a two way process, Scrivener writes the files out to the folder in RTF format and also syncs them back to Scrivener again. This means that you can edit the files...

Making word count fun

You can track your word count in Scrivener using some funky tools.

How to jump right in and start writing in Scrivener

Scrivener can seem intimidating on first sight – it’s hard to know where to start. It’s a complex software with many tools to help you with your writing. It can be intimidating to anyone who is used to a word processor with its single page. But Scrivener is not complex to start writing in. In...

Rimbaud’s Last Poem

Passage from AphinarRimbaud’s Last Poem One shipment: a single tuskOne shipment: two tusksOne shipment: three tusksOne shipment: four tusksOne shipment: two tusks I have come to enquire if I have left anything on account with you. I wish today to change over to another transport line, to leave this one whose name I do not...

Eleven Reasons to use Scrivener for your writing

I’ve noticed a lot of writers pop up and ask questions like should I move to Scrivener, why should I use Scrivener, how is Scrivener better? Here are ten eleven great reasons to use Scrivener.

Writing a shadow novel

I really liked this idea, that the amateur writes a shadow novel using their life instead of words and paper. They have a drama filled life, but don’t get the work done. How many people like this do we know. The professional, on the other hand, has stepped back from the drama and become plain....

Learning to write

I’ve been writing all my life. Sometimes it has been my job, sometimes I’ve been paid for it. Now I’m writing for real, for survival and to change my corner of the world.