Decent stories will find great readers

Hugh Howey writes a great piece for the Huffington Post about how his book became a hot movie property. Along the way he sets out why independent publishing will be a success despite the naysayers.
How My Self-Published Book ‘Wool’ Became A Hot Movie Property

With sites like IndieReader springing up to support the plethora of great underground stories, and with eager shoppers looking for gems in the creek bed, I believe this is a process to celebrate rather than fear. No one worries about the boring videos on YouTube (which I amply supply). We’re too busy sharing links to the best of them.

Decent stories will find great readers. Killer websites will amplify this process. And Amazon will continue to assist us by leveling the playing field, by allowing our books to be ranked according to your tastes, rather than the tastemakers. And the end result will be more great stories at lower prices and more writers able to transition from dusting bookshelves to stocking them with their own works.

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