How to make art

This short passage from BLDGBLOB seems to me a description of how to go about making art (from what is around you) or indeed, to write creatively (from what is around you). Dismantling your environment and refashioning it into the tools of your own escape, what else do artists do?

BLDGBLOG: How to dismantle your door: A Man Escaped (1956)

Breaking out, in A Man Escaped, occurs through the strategic dismantling and reassembly of all designed objects that aren’t architecture. Blankets are cut down to strips then rewoven into rope, finally wrapped and strengthened with wire from the bedframe. The hinges of a small cupboard door are bent and refashioned into grappling hooks. A mere spoon—then another—is sharpened to a chisel with which to cut through the soft wood of the cell door.

It’s as if the tools of escape are, in fact, already hidden all around us, disguised as the overlooked equipment of everyday life—the mundane bits of furniture, clothing, and internal ornament that, provided we teach ourselves how to reassemble them, will lead to an unparalleled state of post-architectural liberation. Put another way, the limits of architecture are exposed by everything normally stored inside it.

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