People I knew without the gelatin

“The deceased, as you know, have the inconvenient habit of cooling off too slowly; they’re burning hot. So they are turned into aspics by pouring memories over them–the best form of gelatin.
And since deceased greats are also too large, they are cut down. The nose, say, is served separately, or the tongue. You need less gelatin that way. And that’s how you get yesterday’s classic as freshly cooked tongue in aspic. With a side dish of hoofs, from the horse he used to ride.
I’m trying to remember the people I knew without the gelatin. I don’t pour aspic over them, I’m not trying to turn them into a tasty dish. I know that a tasty dish is easier to swallow and easier to digest. You know where it ends up.”
Testimony: The memoirs of Dmitri Shotakovich

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