Rimbaud’s Last Poem

Passage from Aphinar
Rimbaud’s Last Poem

One shipment: a single tusk
One shipment: two tusks
One shipment: three tusks
One shipment: four tusks
One shipment: two tusks

I have come to enquire if
I have left anything on account with you.

I wish today to change over
to another
transport line,
to leave this one whose name I do not even know,
but in any case
I must get passage
from Aphinar.

All these transport lines run everywhere, and
I am helpless and
unhappy and
I can find nothing,
any dog in the street can tell you that.

Please let me know
the cost of passage
from Aphinar to Suez.

I am completely paralyzed, and
so I am anxious to be on board

Please tell me
at what time
I must be carried on board.


  1. Glenn wrote:

    Very nicely arranged. I wonder what on earth he was on about with those tusks. I guess it was purely delirium.

  2. admin wrote:

    Yes, he was delirious. It’s actually a letter that he dictated to his sister. He was desperate to leave France and return to Africa, but he was dying from cancer and had had his leg amputated. Although it is strange and has no meaning, I thought it seemed like a poem so I converted it into one.

  3. Lee Hinkley wrote:

    By any chance, would this be the same ivan pope who once hosted a little webcomic known as death and Stacey?

  4. Ivan 'The_Pope' Pope wrote:

    Haha, hello there, Lee!

    No, this isn’t my blog but I’m friends with the Ivan Pope that runs it, who was kind enough to point me here.

    How are you doing, mate?

  5. admin wrote:

    We Ivan Popes stick together. Well, some of us.

  6. Ivan 'The_Pope' Pope wrote:

    The others, well, they’re a little bit racist.

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