Ivan Pope is an artist, writer and entrepreneur. He has been immersed in the online world for over twenty years. His adult life has mixed computing with publishing, media with technology, and art with computers. He is a veteran interpreter of the technology world, most of his work since 1990 has been an attempt to bring new technologies to a wider audience. He is an original internet entrepreneur, writer and artist who was responsible for several key developments in the earliest days of the internet. His recognised achievements include publishing the first Web magazine, launching .net magazine, inventing the internet cafe and founding Nominet, the UK domain name authority. Alongside his entrepreneurial efforts he has written extensively on the internet and web and shown work as an artist. He was deeply involved in the establishment and development of a usable consumer facing internet. Since graduating alongside Damien Hirst in 1990, he continued his work as an exhibiting artist and to develop art with technology. He now works as a freelance writer, artist and researcher.