shedboatshed, a classic

Simon Starling – Shedboatshed

“He’s interested in the creation of objects; he is a researcher, traveller, narrator. He looks at the way things got to be the way they are, and reasserts a human connection between processes we take for granted” – Rachel Tant.

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  1. Milena wrote:


    My name is Milena Ruzic and I am journalist -writer. Live in Serbia and just write a new book. I need a info about Cyberia cafeee… well, story is in 1997. I need info about your cafee at that time…adress, and just little bit about atmosphere.
    Well, book is fiction, triler:) My first one was about football (I am sport’s journaist, cover football, worked for when exist), but now, I chelenged to wtire about spies.

    also, I use google Chrome and you blog is not really seen by them 🙁

    Milena Ruzic

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