Workroom: Writers on Writing

I’m a bit addicted to the Workspace posts on John August’s blog (I assume he’s called John August, it’s at It’s all about screenwriters, but screenwriters are writers the same as the rest of us. Plus, I rather fancy some screenwriting at some point in my writing career. This week it was Christine Boylan who of course I’ve never heard of. Worth a read though.

I can write anywhere if I can get the spirit to move me (or I have a
heart-stopping deadline) — passenger seat of cars (no motion sickness),
trains, planes (usually drunk), the middle of the jungle, etc.

I try to change locations during a long writing session to keep
myself going — this might be as simple as moving up to the kitchen and
sitting on the annoying bench that hurts my back but keeps me awake, or
it might mean just lying on the floor in some kind of weird cobra-pose
for an hour and writing there. My office has a giant wood desk that’s
more like a table than a desk.

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